Communication Opinion Paper

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Communication opinion paper
Effective communication incorporates the basic elements of communication because communication is just not an expression that exploited from ones mouth but it actually begins most to the person that can understand. Communication depends profoundly on a confidence as sustain in a joint effort as soon as concentrating and facilitates one spotlight on the procedure of performing responding and discussing one taught in positive condition.

Communication is a big factor, it gives knowledge to an organization, and it is important for the workplace to survive. Communication is important and not only compelling to the workers but also to the patients within the workplace. Without effective communication within the workers, clinical misconception may occur and the patients’ health could be at stake. Sharing ideas and information through communication can make the team be more effective. Team can be effectively communicate with one another by motivating each other individually by acknowledging ideas, and opinion as well as giving support to each other, and co-worker. Organization may be large or small depends on the work performance of its employee to be successful. This is why communication is playing a big role in the organization. Without communication among employees as well as supervisors could lead the company be unsuccessful and fail.

The basic elements to communication are to present a message to the receiver, whether it’s verbal communication, nonverbal body language, or written communication. To effectively meet the goal communication must be handed down the chain of command effectively, this that feedback must be send upward from the frontline employees back to

the top of the corporate ladder. Doing this will requires several basic elements of communication. In accordance communication concepts the elements of communication is you act as the sender/ receiver it is important to keep in mind that you send...
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