Communication Networks and Channels

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As organizational workforces become more and more diverse and widespread throughout the world, communication issues increase in importance.
Organizational communication network
It is the pattern of information flow among task group members. Five major network structures have been identified.
1. The three centralized networks are structured so that most messages must flow through a pivotal person in the network.
a. In the wheel network, all messages must flow through the individual at the center of the wheel.
b. In the chain network, some members can communicate with more than one member of the network, but the individual in the center of the chain still tends to control the messages.
c. In the Y network, the member at the fork of the “Y” usually becomes the central person in the network.
2. The two decentralized networks permit freer communication among the various members.
a. In the circle network, each member can communicate with the individual on either side.
b. In the star network, each member can communicate with any other member.
3. Some general differences have been found between the centralized and the decentralized types of networks.
a. Effective performance is a function of type of network and type of tasks undertaken.
1) The centralized networks were usually faster and more accurate at performing simple, routine tasks.
2) The decentralized networks were usually faster and more accurate at performing complex tasks.
b. Group moral in the decentralized networks was consistently higher than in the centralized, regardless of task assignment.
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