Communication & Leadership

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Communication and Leadership

Strong Communication skills a must for today’s leaders.
Deborah J. Barrett

In the article “Strong communication skills a must for today’s leader”, Deborah J. Barrett explain the concept of leadership and communication that help managers to be better leaders. The article defines leadership communication, levels of communication ability managers need and discusses the role of leadership image.

The introductory of the article stated on the connection between the leadership and communication. Deborah mentioned that through effective communication leaders lead and good communication skills enable, foster and create the understanding and trust necessary to encourage others to follow leader. The individual who gets ahead in business is the person who is able to communicate, to make sound decisions, and to get things done with and through people (Bowman et al., 1964). Also been stated are the barriers in effective communication and to master all aspects of leadership communication in order to move leaders to the nearest ideal communication situation as possible.

Why leader needs effective communication?
Leaders lead other individuals, organization or community to achieve or pursue goals set by them. Leaders or managers spend most their day engaged in communication. An old studies by Mintzberg, 1973; Eccles and Nohria, 1991, on how much time managers spend various activities show that communication occupies 70-90% of their time everyday. In fact, being able to communicate effectively is what allows a manager to move into a leadership position. Without effective communication, leaders can’t share information, direct or receive feedback from his subordinates or environment. Leaders need to overcome the communication barriers in order to ensure the message or information send will be received by his subordinates correctly as what the leaders perceived. Communication in an organizational must consider all the...
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