Communication Challenges

Topics: Mobile phone, Future, Laptop Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: February 13, 2013
SUBJECT: Communication Challenges in the Future
After reading the article Communication Challenges in the Future, it can be understood how new trends effect and relate with the strategic forces that influence the process of communication. Predicted Communication Trends

There are some interesting devices and trends that are predicted to become available in communication. A new device predicted is a foldable phone that serves as a phone, gaming device and multimedia player. It would also include a biometric optical scanner. A new expected trend is providing computers and cell phones with specialized sensors and software that will make it impossible for thieves to utilize the devices. Another trend mentioned is a $100 fully functional laptop that will allow underdeveloped nations to afford it and connect to the internet. Technology has changed dramatically and quickly through the years; therefore readings about these trends in communication are not surprising or impossible. Impact of Trends in Career

The trends that are more likely to impact the accounting career would definitely be the sensors and software that will be developed to lockdown devices when the rightful owner is not operating them. This trend will hopefully minimize thieves and create a great amount of safety for confidential information stored in those devices. The accounting field utilized computers and laptops religiously and it will be satisfying to hear this trend will come into effect to protect thieves from stealing important company information. Relationship of Trends to Strategic Forces

The four strategic forces are diversity challenges, team environment, changing technology, legal and ethical constraints. These forces relate to the trends listed above in several ways. The trend of developing a low cost computer relates with the strategic force of diversity challenges because nations who were unable to connect to the internet will now be capable of communicating internationally. Before...
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