Overcoming Barriers to Communication

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Overcoming Barriers To Communication

In order to overcome the psychological barriers to success you must understand that all people will try to put you down as long as you are going in a direction that they never took before. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that a psychological barrier is like a limiting belief, you can only overcome it when you believe that breaking free from it is possible. Your belief system doesn't only determine who you are but it determines your success potential and the extent of what you will accomplish in life.

Overcoming Psychological Barriers
If negativity, fears and self-esteem issues prevent you from getting ahead, trying something new or realizing personal fulfillment, you can reprogram your thinking to conquer. There are proven methods that can help you along the way. Meditation, Therapy

Meditation – This is an excellent process for helping you knock down psychological barriers that might stand in the way of success. Through meditation you can learn to let go of negative issues that bog down your mind and prevent you from achieving your goals. During meditation, you can also visualize yourself doing or achieving whatever it is you desire. The more you “see” yourself succeeding in your mind’s eye, the more likely it is you can turn the thoughts into reality.

Physical Barriers ? Environmental Disturbances like traffic noise, loud sound, passing train etc. ? Time and Distance ? Personal Problems of health ? Poor hearing ( due to defective hearing) ? Poor presentation due to speech defects like stammering, lisping etc. ? Poor verbal skills 2. Mechanical Barriers – ? Noisy transmission (unreliable messages, inconsistency) ? The different media (machines or instruments) used for communication, very often becomes the barrier. Non-availability of proper machines or presence of defective machines. ? Wrong channels or medium
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