Communication Analysis

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Communication Analysis

My sister has looked up to me for as long as I can remember. I think that’s normal for a younger sibling to do. I didn’t really think that was the case when I was young, I thought it was just a way my parents would use to get me to behave. I realized as I got older that she would ask me questions about things either in school or life that I might have went through, and that she took my advice seriously. Our level of communication is pretty good. Even though we don’t talk as much now that she’s gone off to college, we still talk on the weekends she comes home, or the occasional text message. I’ve noticed our communication has gotten better in the last year, probably because she’s going off to college and we can relate a little more. I can be a little parent-like when she say’s she’s drinking or doing something stupid. I think it’s different coming from me then it would be coming from my parents because I’m only three years older than her and I went through the same things not that long ago. I also think our communication is better when we do stuff as a family, like go out to dinner or go on vacation. It should be like that more often but when you do something together like go on vacation you have no choice, which is a good thing. I think when she was in high school our communication was worse because I didn’t really care about the high school drama that she would talk about. The gender issue might affect our communication as well, because we have different interests. Sometimes I just want to talk about sports or a book I’m reading and she doesn’t like either. She might be more outgoing than I am but I don’t think that makes her a better communicator. I think communication is more about quality than quantity. She might not have a problem talking about people behind their back or about the latest piece of gossip but I usually don’t care about either. I would say we’re different kinds of communicators, her being more outgoing and gossipy...
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