Com 200

Topics: Communication, Marriage, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Adrian Hall
COM 200: Interpersonal Communication

After reading the article “Close Relationship Sometimes Mask Poor Communication” it made me realize that I and my wife have poor communication skills. We been together for a good two years and we still haven’t gotten the proper communication between each other. She likes to be rude and cut me off while I’m trying to prove a point because she always thinks she’s right when clearly at times she’s wrong but won’t admit it. She always wants materialistic things and don’t understand the responsibilities that I have to take care of by myself due to me being the only one working. Also she always cry or be sadden if things doesn’t go her way and every time I get off of work there is always complaints or I want this and that from her. Another problem which is probably the biggest is that my wife always put our business out on social websites but can’t even come to me and communicate with me head on about the situation. This article opens my eyes and make me realize that it’s correct in a lot of sense. The article stated, “In fact, spouses sometimes communicate with each other no better than strangers do, a new study suggest”. (Ashford Student Library Proquest U.S. News & World Report. Washington: Jan 2011 p.1). In my opinion I think some couples do communicate better with them then between each other because at least at a stranger perspective they will be able to see the things that the person in the relationship couldn’t see and that stranger may have went the same situation which make them a little more understanding of that person. Some things that I can do to prevent it from happening again is to first be to have an assertive positive understanding of our roles as a marriage. Also another way is knowing each other by knowing more about the background of where we came from and adapt to the new lifestyle that we both are going through as husband and wife. We have to communicate where we can get out all...
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