Common Ms Office Errors

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Common MS Office Errors

Tanesha Caldwell
Dr. Christopher Barrett
4 December 2010

Microsoft Office Word:
Microsoft Word is a full-featured word processing program that allows you to create professional looking documents and revise them easily (Gary Shelly, 2008). This software allows users to create anything from flyers, resumes, cover sheets, research papers, etc. It also allows users to revise them, if needed. These documents can be as simple or complex as needed and also very creative and/or professional, as needed. * Shortcut keys – Shortcut keys are a common error when using Microsoft Word. Most customers do not know that shortcut keys are less time consuming and just as effective as the traditional keys, when using Word. A full list of shortcut keys can be found in Microsoft Word by clicking on the help button and searching ‘SHORTCUT KEYS’. * Setting customized document styles – Customizing document styles in Microsoft Word is another common mistake made by users. When customizing document styles the user must first identify his/her audience. Once this is done I would inform the user to be careful not to use too many different fonts and colors when customizing their document style. In order to set document style the user must click on the particular theme that they desire for their document. * Inserting a canvas – Several users have problems with inserting a canvas into a Microsoft Word document. In order to do this the user must first have the picture they desire to place in the document and find it on the computer. Then CLICK ( in the document) where he/she wants the picture to go, then on the INSERT RIBBON, in the ILLUSTRATIONS, click PICTURE. Locate the picture then double click it. * Saving and finding files – To find a document you need to know the name of the document. CLICK on the OPEN command under the Office button. This is also where you will be able to find the save button. To find a document, under the OPEN Tab you will need to look in the different places that documents can be saved. These places vary from the desktop, my computer, or my documents files. These are also the places that documents can be saved. * Macros – To set up Macros users must go to the VIEW Ribbon and click on the MACROS button, then RECORD MACROS. Users will be able to create any type of Macro need for their document.

Microsoft Office Excel:
Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that allows users to organize data, complete calculations, make decisions, graph data, develop professional looking reports, publish data to the web, and access real-time data from websites (Gary Shelly, 2008). This software can calculate specific data within the spreadsheet and also allow users to add a chart to show those calculations. This spreadsheet software can help users create worksheets and workbooks for all types of data. * Setting Macros - – To set up Macros users must go to the VIEW Ribbon and click on the MACROS button, then RECORD MACROS. Users will be able to create any type of Macro need for their spreadsheet. * Freeze Panes – This helps users to be able to see specific columns/rows while scrolling through other parts of the worksheet. Go to the VIEW Ribbon, Click on FREEZE PANES button, and then Click on the desired way that the panes need to be frozen. * Inserting charts with data – In order to add charts to spreadsheets Click on the place inside the worksheet where the chart will be located, then Click on the INSERT Ribbon, CHARTS (choose type of chart), and Click the chart type. Once the chart has been added users can add specific data to the chart. * Creating formulas and calculations – Input the specific required data into the columns/rows of the worksheet. Highlight the numbers in the columns/rows required to be input into the formula. Click specific function. The spreadsheet will automatically formulate the specific data. * Printing a section of...
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