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Request for Proposal: Microsoft Office Training
Eugene A. Park
December 22, 2011
Sametta M. Thompson

Request for Proposal

Microsoft Office Training

Organizational Overview

The ABC123 Foundation was founded in 2000 to give services to the greater New York area. We focus on the need for adult education in preparing our clients for the work force and to provide the work force with skilled office workers. We currently have 5 facilities with a full staff of technical educators. ABC123 has been recognized for its excellence in service and productivity. Many prestigious accolades have been given from the city and state of New York including the “New York State of Mind (fictitious) award for business excellence. We continue to expand in good favor from the city in the form of educational grants. We are very eager to expand and support the community and bring good, hard working citizens to the work force.


Our company has gone through a lot of recent changes regarding technology. Updated PC models and operating systems will definitely leave a distinct learning curve. The last time our company had revamped the whole technology setup was during the companies inception when windows NT was up and coming. Our main emphasis is to have to a 100% completion of training to our faculty and to provide our staff with every tool available for success.

Contact Information

All proposals can be sent to:

ATTN: Eugene A. Park
The ABC123 Foundation
123 Smith Road
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Proposal Schedule

The current deadlines for submitting proposals and tentative dates for review and awarding of contract are posted below. Please, there till be no late submissions as all documents will be turned in for processing on exactly end of day January 25th.

|Submitting Proposals |Reviewing Proposals |Awarding of contract | |Jan 25th 2012...
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