Commerce Education and Employability

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Runumoni Lahkar Das*
Pallavi Kakati*
Manoj Kr. Kedia**

Education is the primary ingredient in any successful profession. The broad objective of any education should be to foster in the students an attitude of objective enquiry and some understanding of the society and societal changes. There is a tremendous need for quality education to equip the population with skills to handle competitive situations. The need of the hour is to provide the kind of education for emerging generations that has a world class curriculum and is industry focused. Commerce education means education in the areas of trade, be it merchandise or auxiliaries like insurance, transport etc. Commerce education is a type of training which plays its part in the achievement of the general aim of education on any given level and has its primary objective of preparing people to enter upon a business career to render more efficient service and to advance from their present levels of employment to higher levels.1 Commerce stream of education is one of the important branches of higher education. This course of study is developed with a view to producing skilled manpower necessary for running business enterprises, to take up teaching assignment, to undertake research study in commerce, trade and industrial problems and to discharge socio economic activities in the developmental process.

1. Frederick G. Nicholas, quoted by Dr. N B Dey in “Reoientation of commerce syllabus at undergraduate and post graduate level.”

The growth and development in each and every sector of the economy is occurring at a rapid pace with significant improvements in the field of commerce trade and industry. Commerce education has therefore evolved a new outlook for infusing in the young aspirants the required knowledge, skills and attitude for successful handling of commerce, trade and industry. To survive in the present turbulent environment, it is the need to acquire competency through diversified educational programmes.

Objectives of the study:
This paper mainly aims to study the following objectives:
1. to study the relevance of commerce education in the present job market. 2. to study the various areas of employability with commerce background.

The paper ‘Commerce Education and the Job Market- An insight’ centres around the recent trends in the job market with a commerce background in Assam. To present a broad view of the study, data were collected mainly from the secondary source of origin. Information was also collected from the journals, reports, books, etc. and a key emphasis was given on internet to collect data which further helped during the course of study.

Relevance of commerce education:
The relevance of commerce education lies with the acquisition of competency in important areas like Finance, Marketing, Accountancy, Auditing, Insurance, Material Management, Risk Management, Quantitative Analysis, Business Ethics, IT etc.. These are the areas which are the important components of business and industrial units. Commerce education is also linked up with the tertiary sector like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Transport and Tourism which have expanded over the years and have opened new opportunities for commerce graduates.

As a stream of study, Commerce can be studied right after 10 years of schooling. After the 10 years of schooling – commerce is available as an option in 10+2 or the Higher Secondary level. This paves the way for higher studies in commerce related subjects. The Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education in Commerce is offered at Universities and colleges spread all across the country. Specializations are offered at post graduate and at research levels. A number of subjects can be studied under disciplines of Commerce in conjugation like: Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics, Business, and Finance etc. Most commerce...
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