Reflection of Five Minds for the Future

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Reflection of Five Minds for the Future
The concepts and arguments about Gardner’s five minds enriched me a lot, and made me think further about the capabilities and skills people should equipped with to handle the new world in the future individually and cooperatively. As a master student, I feel that subjects in commerce will cultivate my cognition and interpersonal skills by developing disciplined, synthesizing, creating, respectful, and ethical minds. In a few years time, when I become a business professional, I think those minds are still important to me in order to make bigger achievements.

Disciplined mind
Disciplined mind means a continuous process of improving one’s skills. No matter what knowledge I have captured now, there are still many unknown areas for me to explore. However, in retrospect, I always thought what I have been told was exactly what I need to learn. And now I figure out that learning is not merely receiving, but is the continuous process of self-education, self-discovery and self-reflection. The subjects in commerce provide opportunities for me to do further research, to find out the solutions to the issues and get feedback from myself and others, which cultivates my habit of investigating the ideas in the long run.

Synthesizing mind
Gardner (2008, p3) defined that synthesizing mind is a process of collecting, evaluating and combining distinguished information. As a student, during in-class discussions and exams, I have been given many chances to perfect my synthesizing mind. When preparing exams, I will synthesize all the information, ideas, and feelings from separate lectures and combine them to one mind map, demonstrating their inter-relationships. After doing like that, I will have further understandings of the subjects and could put those abstract theories into practice. The group project also encourages me to absorb different views when looking at one problem, and then integrate all together into one idea, which become...
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