Colors and Personality

Topics: Color, Personality psychology, Color theory Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: October 20, 2012
People of all generations and cultures have used color to express feelings and emotion. Color preferences are personal expressions for life such as using in clothes, shoes, bags, room painting, and etc. Although some of the colors are the popular for the fashion, people mostly chose the color which expresses themselves. Some people refrain from using color because they do not understand how to use it or hesitate not to reflect their soul. All of these illustrates that colors have personal trait to reflect personalities. Many people are not aware that colors have influence on them. They seldom realize colors around them are affected by their mood, temperament, and behavior. Colors are clues about personality traits. On the other hands intensity, value, and hue are the three essential qualities of color. In terms of these properties of the colors, objects we see, stimulate our emotions. This is the warmth and the coolness of the color we see. Statement of the problem

The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between color preferences and personality and effects of coolness and warmth of the color on preferences. Review of related literature
Color choices represent social consequences to express us to other people and influence how others perceive us. Lange et al.(2005) showed that people’s color preferences, as accessed via the Dewey Color System Test, provide meaningful information about their personalities, interpersonal styles, and behaviors. Lange also found that people’s vocational interest can be inferred from their color preferences. Lange (2005) found that respondents’ color preferences present most powerful predictors of their social boldness personality treats and least predictors of their apprehension personality treat. Lüscher (1971) proposed that individuals with similar color preferences have also similar personality characteristics. He supposed that...
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