Colorado River

Topics: Colorado River, River, Colorado Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: February 16, 2013
“Still waters… of a deep emerald hue…[stretching nearly over 3,000 sq miles filled with] a wealth of fowl and fish.” Was the norm of the Colorado River. As years went by and population rose demand for the “plentiful” fresh water rose as well. Gluttony took over western states such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, and other fast growing cities. Oblivious to how wrong the decision to drain Colorado river’s limited resources is for such ridiculous justifications. It didn’t dawn on the people and still doesn’t. Missing all the signs Nature is suffering. The mighty Colorado River is getting drained and divvied up without justice or fairness and needs to cease.

Using something efficiently means to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort and expenses, but Colorado River water isn’t being used efficiently its being used for absurd reasons like constant water of lawns and crops, washing a car anytime there is a speck of dust, etc. All that time they could’ve used drip irrigations’ for lawns and crops, and had barrels up to catch rain water to clean arbitrary items. Now that years have passed and still no effort to achieve a safe and adaptable way of using such water but only came harm and waste. The People need to be cut off before it’s to late and there isn’t any for anyone in our future generations. If one con not be productive with its resources then they shouldn’t be allowed to use it.

At the rivers edge you can see lines in the rock walls much like a ring in a bathtub. This shows how much the water level has dropped [about 130 ft and getting lower] and that it’ll never be that full again. It isn’t something that can be reproduced or regenerated its one of a kind, precious. As water levels drop so do the wildlife and sea life that encircles it. The river never makes it to sea anymore due to the fact we siphon it all before it has a chance to reach it. Animal life, sea life, and nature are suffering and dwindling due to the fact we waste...
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