Should the Arizona Desert Bloom?

Topics: Colorado River, Arizona, Tucson, Arizona Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Should the desert bloom?
The Arizona Desert is situated on the Sun Belt in the West United States has attracted migrants from all over the USA. Cities such as Phoenix, Las Vegas and Tucson have built and are continuing to spread. This has all been made possible because of one vital resource – the Colorado River. The question is should the desert have been changed to provide a pleasant place for to live? People are so keen to move to Phoenix because there are so many job opportunities in hi – tech industries and the lifestyles are luxurious with swimming pools in back gardens and hot and sunny weather. Furthermore, there is a clean environment and many people are looking for a new start. The Colorado River is what has made Phoenix possible however slowly the River is losing all of its water. The main uses of water in Arizona include farming, domestic use, commercial use and hydroelectric power. 89% of the water is used for farming and 70 gallons of water is used in showers, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers and other home uses. Furthermore, 180 gallons of water per person in Arizona goes to commercial use and Phoenix water customers use an average of 1230 litres of water a day. CAP is the Central Arizona Project, it is designed to bring about 1.5 million acre feet of Colorado River water per year to Pima, Pinal and Maricopa countries. CAP carries water from Lake Havasu to the southern boundary of the San Xavier Indian Reservation southwest of Tucson. It is a 336–mile long system of aqueducts, tunnels, pumping plants and pipelines and is the largest single resource of renewable water supplies in the state of Arizona. The Colorado River is slowly losing all of its water and there are lines in the rock walls showing the water is 130 feet lower than it once was. Water resource officials say some of the reservoirs fed by the river will never be full again. In addition, the groundwater supplies in Arizona are getting lower every year and since the 1900’s residents...
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