Big River

Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain Pages: 4 (1470 words) Published: September 8, 2010
Maegan Campbell
Humanities 1301.P05

Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The play opens with Miss Watson, Judge Thatcher, and Tom Sawyer talking to Huck about how he must learn to read the Bible if he wants to make it to Heaven. A frustrated Huck escapes in the night to a hideout where he and his friends discuss all of the naughty things they will do to get to hell. When Huck arrives back home, he is taken by his Pap to their wooded cabin. His inebriated father attempts to murder Huck but passes out before he is able to. Huck sees his passed out Pap as a chance to escape and plots his own murder. He kills a pig and splatters the pig’s blood and guts around the cabin so when Pap wakes from his slumber he thinks Huck has been killed.

Once on Jackson’s Island, Jim, who escaped from slavery to evade getting sold runs into Huck. Realizing this, Huck decides to help him make it to North Country where there is freedom. The pair narrowly escapes the men that are looking to capture Jim and return him to Miss Watson. Huck and Jim stumble upon a raft and begin their journey down the mighty Mississippi. When the two sail past the site where the Mississippi and the Ohio rivers meet they are greeted by the King and the Duke, jail escapees who persuade Jim and Huck into letting them come along. However, little do Huck and Jim know, the con artists plot to sell Jim back into slavery for their own advantage.

In Act Two, the group arrives in Arkansas where Huck, the Duke, and the King scheme a way to make some easy money and devise a spectacle called “The Royal Nonesuch.” The three come across a boy on the dock who eventually tells them about a funeral in which there is wealth to be inherited. Huck, and the con artists attend the funeral posing as the inheritors to the fortune. Huck feels bad for conning the mourning family and steals the money back from the Duke and King.

Once Huck makes it back to the raft, he finds...
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