Color Scheme and the Work Place

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Color Scheme and Work Productivity 1

Running Head: Color Scheme and Work Productivity

Color Scheme and Work Productivity
How Does the Color Scheme of a Building Affect Work Productivity Introductory Psychology
Research Paper Using APA Style

Jessica N. Russell
Milwaukee Area Technical College
July 2008

Color Scheme and Work Productivity 2
Creating a productive work environment is a shift in both the blue collar and white collar work worlds that has the potential of influencing change in the wider arena of life. High work productivity while maintaining quality could have an extremely positive impact on the economy. Research indicates that employees produce a higher output of work when they are employed where there is a positive work environment. A huge part of the positive environment is the color scheme of the work building. Using color psychology when designing work environments can make a difference in attitude and work performance, thereby impacting the bottom line of a company. It is the higher work productivity and positive attitudes that are the focus of this research.

Color Scheme and Work Productivity
How Does the Color Scheme of a Building Affect Work Productivity Introductory Psychology
Research Paper Using APA Style

The author of this research paper has been in the workforce for over ten years. During this time, the author has worked in a wide variety of industries, including: clerical work, food service, sales and service, and collections. The author is most currently a team lead in the current position of collector. Working as an employee, and now in a somewhat supervisory role, the author has seen both high and low levels of productivity performed by employees. There is a noticeable pattern that

Color Scheme and Work Productivity 3
either most employees are highly productive at some of the companies, or most of the employees are less productive than they should be at some of the companies.
The one thing that has intrigued the author is the difference in attitudes and work productivity when moving from one workplace to another. In some work settings, people did unpleasant and difficult work tasks, yet they maintained a positive attitude and high productivity rates. In other work environments, people had a great job and worked in a pleasant environment, yet their attitudes were not upbeat to reflect that and work productivity was average or low. What in these work places makes the difference in work productivity?

The author spoke of this project with employees at work. When the author referenced what in the “workplace environment” makes a difference, many employees stated things such as furnishings, ergonomic work stations, colors of the walls, windows and art in the workplace. The feedback that was given led to the topic for this research paper.

It is important to know the answer to color schemes and their affect of work productivity, as work productivity is what affects a company’s bottom line. The company’s bottom line, in turn, has a huge affect on the economy. Since economic conditions affect all people in this world, it is important to Color Scheme and Work Productivity 4

research and find ways to increase worker productivity. Since there are many things that affect work productivity, the author narrowed the research down to one main thing that affects levels productivity. Does the color scheme of a building affect work productivity?

There has been much research done on how to increase work productivity, going far back at the mid 1800s. However, most research has been on management style and hierarchies in the work place. Not as much emphasis has been put on researching the work environment in regards to color schemes. To find information for the research, the author looked in the library research database EBSCOHOST to find articles related to color psychology. The author also utilized a book written on...
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