College Management System

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1.Certificate1 2.Certificate of approval2
3.Declaration3 4.Acknowledgement4 5.Objective & Scope of the Project6 6.Theoretical Background8 7.Definition of Problem21 8.System Analysis & User Requirements22 9.System Planning (PERT Chart)23 10.Methodology adopted, System Implementation & Details of H/W& S/W used25 11.Detailed Life Cycle of the Project26 12.ERD, DFD29

13.Process involved, Algorithm, Flowchart, Database diagram32 14.Input and Output Screen Design(Snapshots)39
15.Methodology used for testing56
16.User/Operational Manual (security aspects, access rights, back up, controls, etc.)58 17.Future enhancement60
19.references 63
1. Objective & Scope

1.1 Objective
This is a web oriented application allows us to access the whole information about the college, staffs, students, facilities etc. This application provides a virtual tour of Campus. Here we will get the latest information about the students and staffs. This generic application designed for assisting the students of an institute regarding information on the courses, subjects, classes, assignments, grades and timetable. It also provides support that a faculty can also check about his daily schedule, can upload assignments, and notices to the students. Here administrator will manage the accounts of the student and faculties, makes the timetable, and upload the latest information about the campus. 1.2 Scope

College information: Through this service one can access the complete information about the college campus such as courses available, admission procedure, placements, college events, achievements etc. •Student tracking: Any company or any organization that want to check the summary about the student of the college, so that they will be able to choose the particular students for their campus placement And for that purpose they will be given a particular link through which they can access the information required. •Student attendance status: It gives the attendance status of students. Faculty will update the attendance periodically and can be seen by students and parents. •Student’s performance in exams: This facility provides the performance of the student in each exam which is conducted by university or college such as midterm performance. Marks obtained by students in exams will be updated by faculties that can be access by students and parents. •Exam Notification: This facility notifies students and parents about examination schedule. •Events: It will give information about different events that will be conducted by college time to time. Information about these events will be updated by administrator. •Online assignments: This service provides the facility to faculty to upload assignments and to students to submit these assignments online. •Information about staff: It will help in maintaining complete information about college faculty members such as their department, cadre, date of joining, salary, etc. Administrator will register new faculties and remove their account when they leave the college....
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