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Topics: Programmable logic controller, Light, Design Pages: 14 (4144 words) Published: April 30, 2011
Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction5
Figure 1.05

Chapter 2: Requirement Analysis6
2.1 Reception Lights6
2.2 Waiting Room Lights6
2.3 Meeting Room6
2.4 Emergency Lights7
Figure 2.17

Chapter 3: Problem Solutions8
Microcontroller-based System Design8
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)8
Wired Logic Control9
3.1 Software Requirements9
3.11 Components Required9
Table 3.19
Figure 3.110

Chapter 4: Problem Implementation11
4.1 Implementation of Reception Lights11
Figure 4.111
4.2 Implementation of Waiting Lights12
Figure 4.212
4.3 Implementation of Meeting Lights12
Figure 4.313
4.4 Implementation of Emergency Lights13
Figure 4.413
Figure 4.514

Chapter 5: Results15
Table 5.115
5.1 Reception Lights Results15
Figure 5.1a16
Figure 5.2a16
5.2 Waiting Room Lights Results17
Figure 5.2a17
Figure 5.2b17
5.3 Meeting Room Lights Results18
Figure 5.3a18
Figure 5.3b18
5.4 Emergency Lights Results19
Figure 5.4a19
Figure 5.4b20

Chapter 6: Discussion of Results21

Chapter 7: Conclusion22


Chapter 1: Introduction

Energy is requirement of every country in today’s world. It has become a basic need of almost every human being. Energy has different forms for example, mechanical energy, solar energy, nuclear energy and so on. Another form of energy is electricity. Electricity is used to light our houses, offices, schools, buildings, streets and so on. Its importance increases when there is no sunlight available. This type of energy can be used in light bulbs, street lights and so on. As the energy has become an important necessities of human life, it is also important to not to waste the energy as limited resources are available to produce energy [1] [2].

It often happens that the light is switched ON while it is not being used. This is waste of energy. This kind of example can be seen often in offices, universities and other industrial departments. It is so very important to devise a system so that the energy is not wasted. So there must be a system that the light goes OFF automatically when it is not needed for example, when there is no person in room, or the light goes OFF automatically when the sunlight level is below a certain level and so on.

This assignment was to create a lighting controller for an office environment that had different areas or rooms that needed lighting with various control signals. The devised system was required to be developed and simulated in the lab on PLC hardware. At least two analogue and three digital inputs were required with one counter, display unit and three relay outputs. This report was about an office having some different areas and the lighting of those areas was controlled by some motion sensors, some light detectors and so on. There were different ways to design such an office environment. The detailed proposal of the problem is defined in chapter 2 of the report.

Figure 1.1: System block diagram

Chapter 2: Problem Analysis

The problem was to define a hypothetical requirement for a lighting scheme for an office building. It was advised to design an office environment that had four rooms or areas where the lighting was to be controlled automatically. Figure 2.1 can be seen for such required design of an office that had a reception, a waiting room, a meeting room and an emergency light that was required to be switched ON automatically whenever the main power was OFF.

2.1 Reception Lights
So, the imaginary design for the office can be defined as that at the main entrance, there were two motion detectors that were required to...
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