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Software Requirements Specification
Attendance Tracker
Prepared by John Ruddy
October 16, 2007
Table of Contents
1. Introduction1
1.1 Purpose 1
1.2 Document Conventions1
1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions1
1.4 Product Scope1
1.5 References1
2. Overall Description1
2.1 Product Perspective1
2.2 Product Functions2
2.3 User Classes and Characteristics2
2.4 Operating Environment2
2.5 Design and Implementation Constraints2
2.6 User Documentation2
2.7 Assumptions and Dependencies2
3. External Interface Requirements3
3.1 User Interfaces3
3.2 Hardware Interfaces3
3.3 Software Interfaces4
3.4 Communications Interfaces4
4. System Features4
4.1 Secure login by instructor to display only their own classes4 4.2 Importing and updating class lists from RONet files.5
4.3 Detailed student information cards6
4.4 Attendance taking with pictures7
4.5 Email center for sending tardy, absent, and reminder messages with macro messages8 4.6 Statistic summaries for each student and cumulative for the class9 4.7 Data can be exported to spreadsheets10

5. Use Cases11
5.1 Use Case Section 111
5.1.1 Use Case UC1: Login11
5.1.2 Use Case UC2: Initial Class Setup12
5.1.3 Use Case UC3: Student list additions13
5.1.4 Use Case UC4: Student drops course14
5.1.5 Use Case UC5: Instructor updates class settings15
5.1.6 Use Case UC6: Roll Call16
5.1.7 Use Case UC7: Automatic Email Sending17
5.1.8 Use Case UC8: Update after initial roll call18
5.1.9 Use Case UC9: Attendance entered late (in the event of a substitute or no computer/internet access)19 5.1.10 Use Case UC10: Display course attendance history20
5.1.11 Use Case UC11: Export course attendance history21
5.1.12 Use Case UC12: Class attendance statistics report22 5.1.13 Use Case UC13: Import class list from RONet file23
5.1.14 Use Case UC14: Add student pictures24
5.1.15 Use Case UC15: Delete class25
6. Other Nonfunctional Requirements26
6.1 Performance Requiremnts26
6.2 Safety Requirements26
6.3 Security Requirements26
6.4 Software Quality Attributes26
6.5 Business Rules26
7. Other Requirements26

Revision History
NameDateReason For ChangesVersion
John Ruddy10/16/07Created from templateSection 4 modified but incomplete1 John Ruddy11/13/07Sections 1-3 and 5-6 modified, mostly complete.1

1.1 Purpose
Attendance tracker 1.0 is a web application for university instructors to use to record the attendance status of their students using their name and photo, automatically send email messages to absent and tardy students, and track class and individual attendance statistics from any computer with Internet access. Instructors will log in, add classes with unique settings and build student lists which only they can access and take attendance for. 1.2 Document Conventions

Underlined text is used to emphasize importance.
Each requirement specifies if it depends on higher level requirements being complete before implementation. 1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions
This document is intended mainly for developers with parts customers can easily get important information from (features and use cases). 1.4 Product Scope
Attendance Tracker is a web application that uses a database to store information about instructors, classes, students and their attendance record, and sends email to students without the use of any email client software on the computer it is accessed from. It will help teachers to take attendance faster and easier, correspond with students effortlessly, and provide statistics about attendance. The target customer is a university or a department of a university, who will purchase one copy of Attendance Tracker to be used by all of their instructors. 1.5 References

No outside references at this time.
2.Overall Description
2.1 Product Perspective
Attendance Tracker is a...
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