Coke and Pessi

Topics: IPhone, Apple Inc., IPod Touch Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: May 8, 2013
pple is one of the leading tacticians in the consumer products industry, and Aaccording to Porter’s strategies Apple exemplifies the “Differentiation Strategy” (O. Akan, R. Allen, M. Helms, and S. Spralls III, Critical tactics for implementing Porter’s generic strategies, 2006). The Apple tactics may differentiate from product to product, driven by a wide range of strategies but the vast majority of these actions and sub strategies are driven by a single over-riding strategy that has become the hallmark of Apple. Firstly, Apple Inc ‘s Product is focused on design , the consumer experience, and seamless integration of hardward and software . They understand the need of customer in their mind and then they design the product to serve that demand . Their product is change through any period . For Example , the first generation smartphone is iphone3 with touch screen, good design , luxury . Iphone 3 was very popular at that time . The customer is very interested in this product to bring alo of profit to Apple Inc. The after that , New generation appeared in the market . Iphone 4 with new design , more convenient to hold in hand , more improvement to fit with the customer in mind . And Up to now , Newest Generation of smartphone is Iphone 5 . It was not more changes in this phone but it was the best improvement phone that apple ever produce . Secondly , Apple Inc startd their business with primary technology with the right integration of its own operating system, hardward and applications . Their own design in house . Thirdly , Building WIN-WIN Ecosystem for partners and developer . In late 2003 , Apple Inc offered a Windows compatible version of Iturns , In mid 2005 , Company’s switch from PowerPC processors (IBM) to Intel Chip . It allows Apple Company to freely creactive to dedign the product . In 1997 , Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple , corporated to develop core product such as Microsoft Office for the Mac . Fourthly ,...
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