Coconut Water

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  • Published : May 30, 2012
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Coconut Water

SCI 241
Judy Springer

Coconut Water
Coconut water is said to be like a “superfood” because it supplies a great deal of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and growth factors (Fife, 2010). Because of these valuable nutrients coconut water can help the body with dehydration, vision problems, gives the body energy, fatigue, and constipation. I would say coconut water could be classified as a major mineral because of the importance it serves to maintain our body functions. If the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can state coconut water may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke I think it would be a great idea of individuals start consuming coconut water in their daily diet (Fife, 2010). I also believe if more people knew coconut water has been said to reverse or slow the aging process more individuals would be testing that theory. With coconut water having somewhat of a sweet taste perhaps people would be more inclined to drink this as an important function to the body. With the ingredients such as the mineral content in the coconut water it is close to what is in the human blood so this can really help with dehydration and malnutrition (Fife, 2010). Doctors can inject the water into the blood to have the individual experience the effects sooner, rather than later. Dehydration can sneak up on a person before he or she realizes that is what is causing the light-headedness, dizziness, or feeling of nauseous. Dehydration can rapidly happen while it is warmer outside. Athletes should drink every few minutes in order to avoid dehydration even if he or she does not feel they are thirsty (Wiley, 2006). The body needs to maintain and regulate the water inside so it is important for an individual to drink often to prevent dehydration especially while performing physical activity.

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