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The objective of this paper is to examine the factors that contribute to the success of an enterprise towards future 2020, by taking a specific enterprise of (Coca-cola company / SIA) for analysis. The research peers into long-term trends of the opportunities and challenges that the enterprise might encounter. At the same time consider in detail of the business model and key features of the enterprise and specific details of the knowledge worker roles, and the skills, knowledge, and attributes required for this business to become insurmountable.


Future scape of a enterprise

Instead of knowledge management systems or enterprise applications or our e-mail to manage information, it should be that the systems to co-ordinate the enterprise and make them act according to all its experience.

Attribute of the enterprise required for the business to success in 2020.

Be critical thinking for the future. The organisation has to prepare proactively for the future by building scenarios and responses to emerging trends that could impact them. If the organisation are heading into the future much less prepared because they have no standard or consistent approach to detect and evaluate future impacts, or worse will likely wait until the trend becomes a distinct disruption and requires focused recovery action.

Be able to handle the retirements of baby boomers and the loss of knowledge. The well documented, coming baby boomer retirement wave is one important future impact facing many organisations. The overwhelming challenge organisations expect to confront is the loss of organisational knowledge through those retirements. (retain knowledge is important, huge challenge)

Filling knowledge worker gaps. Organisation can fill future critical talent gaps by relying on an aggressive recruiting program for new employees.

Or not to hire new employees at all, but will instead outsource the work, use fewer workers overall or fill the organisational needs through the use of specialized for hire services.

To have smart recruiting/attracting strategies. In order to fill those future critical talent gaps, the organisation can advertise and promote a range of organisational advantages, in addition to competitive compensation and benefits to attract and recruit the necessary professional and managerial talent needed for their future work force.

if their strategies would be different for recruiting two different age groups, those just coming into the workplace (25 years old or younger) and a more experienced worker group (26 to 40 year olds). The top recruiting strategy picked for both age groups was an emphasis on flex telework/telecommute programs that reflect the era of the mobile work force. However, that’s where the similarity ended. For the younger workers, cultural diversity/empathy was the second- most important organizational recruiting advantage, indicating a response to the next-generation worker’s awareness of the benefits provided by a multicultural workplace. Additional recruiting advantages will include emphasis on opportunities for personal growth through mentor/coaching programs, advanced degree support and integrated life/work programs. For the 26- to 40-year-old group of recruits, the second-most important recruiting advantage was job security, which recognizes the likely important role of home and family life for their stage in life. Other advantages to be promoted included integrated life/work programs, personal services, cultural diversity/empathy, ethical culture, mentor/coaching programs, community service programs and eco/green initiatives. Knowledge Retention strategies. Knowledge loss is anticipated to be a significant retirement issue, but it is also expected to be a continuing challenge for other employees who leave as well. The top knowledge retention strategy for younger workers (25 years or younger) who leave the organization is likely to be the education and training...
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