Contribution of Enterprise Systems

Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Contribution of Enterprise Systems
Axia College of University of Phoenix
Huy Tran
November 11, 2010

With just about any successful business, there is almost certainly an enterprise system working behind the scenes to ensure optimum productivity and effectiveness. For this reason, enterprise systems are invaluable to businesses both large-scale and small.

An enterprise system is classified as a system of integrated application-software packages that use data storage and transmission to support the flow of information, reporting, and analytics within the company and, in some cases, outside the company to colleagues and clients. In short, an enterprise system manages the flow of data relevant to those within the company and those outside the company privy to certain information. Case in point, if a company has multiple lines of products and information relevant to all the products (like statistical data) needs to be shared with all those within the company, an enterprise system exists to enable the sharing of this information.

Implementing enterprise systems can contribute to achieving operational excellence because when an employee enters information into an enterprise system, it means that that much less time goes into sharing that information through other mediums. It takes time to print out and distribute statistics on every product in a company, but enterprise systems house that information and enables any member of authorized personnel to access that information at any given time. Enterprise systems also help to keep track of important numbers, company revenue, sales, and order information, all of which can be quickly accessed by employees who need the information.

Challenges posed by enterprise applications begin with the cost. Enterprise systems and their applications (software) do not come cheap, and it takes time to build them. Furthermore, for companies not already operating on enterprise systems, implementing them changes...
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