Cipd Resourcing Talent

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Resourcing Talent
The objective of this report is to identify and assess four factors that affect an organisations approach to both attracting talent and recruitment and selection. I will also be looking at attracting and retaining a diverse workforce and the different methods of recruitment and selection. One of the main factors that influence the organisations approach is cost. The recruitment of a new employee would affect the overall budget of the organisation. Often an organisation will try to share the work between other members of staff before turning to recruiting a new role to keep the costs down. The cost is not just for a new employees wage but for the advertisement and preparation behind the employment, including new computer and the equipment required for the role. The second factor which affects the recruitment process is the time scales involved in the initial advertising and recruitment of new staff. First of all a decision needs to be made by management of the applicant required and the role to be filled. Upon a decision a job description would be written and agreed and the role would then be advertised to the general public. Upon receipt of the application forms the line manager would shortlist appropriate candidates and interviews would be organised. After the interviews, letters would be sent to unsuccessful applicants and the appropriate candidate would be informed. The introduction procedure to the office and workstation and the companies requirements also need to be addressed by the line manager before the contract is signed. Another factor affecting the approach of an organisation could be the location of the company or the place of work. If a company wasn’t in a central location or was out of town this could limit the number of applicants applying as public transport could be limited. Another factor when recruiting is the organisations policies and how they help aim to recruit apprentices and offer training and progression to mould...
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