Coaching Session Evaluation

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Coaching Session Evaluation

The lesson began with good planning and organisation, as (Cassidy, Jones and Potrac, 2004; Jones, 2004; Penny, 2005.) agreed that it is important to stress the extent of planning. Preparing music, gloves and pads ready for the arrival of the participants was well organised and helped with the smooth running of the lesson, as was arriving in good time. The pre-prepared markings strategically placed on the floor, helped maintain the correct positioning of the group. Any potential distractions were minimised, helping to deliver a clear and focussed lesson as Davies, (2005) points out that positioning yourself so that everyone can see, and for them not to be distracted is important. Gaining full attention of the group helped to highlight the aims and goals of the lesson, using effective communication skills and delivering clear and precise demonstrations. Several authors (Rogers, 2000; Shaw & Gorely, 2005; Lavallee, 2004) proclaim the coach has to be able to organise participants in such a way, so that they are doing the correct thing, at the right time, in the right place. This will require the coach to use good communication skills and the understanding of how to get across the necessary information for the learning to take place. Using different styles of coaching throughout the session allowed participants to use different kinds of learning skills, some to be instructed in certain exercises, whilst self learning and having fun in others. As Jones, et al (2008) outline, that an important factor in deciding how to coach is that a session may include several different delivery styles, depending on the intended learning outcomes of each phase of that session. In fact, the best practitioners can change their style to suit the situation and have the flexibility to use several different styles in one session.

Motivational skills were used to enhance work output with the aid of...
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