Coaching and Leadership in the Workplace

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Coaching Leadership in the Workplace

According to Mike Noble in his article, Transform Managers into Coaches: Five Steps for Coaching Success, an effective manager is a coach and not just a boss. The most effective managers are those who can coach and collaborate. If one is able to coach their employees effectively then they are able to create sustainable long-term results for themselves and their company. Coaching is action of helping others to perform better, whether it is through feedback, demonstrations, or teaching. It is investing in the people within a company and shaping them into better employees so that they can not only perform their tasks better, but also better qualify for promotions. Mike Noble’s article breaks down the five steps necessary for successfully becoming a coaching leader and the benefits of becoming one. By coaching your employees, you become a transformational leader who enhances as well as generates new experiences for employees, thus gaining a stronger level of commitment from them.

The first step to transforming a manager into a coaching leader is to build a personal case for coaching. The manager has to want to develop their coaching skills and see the relevance of developing them. Once a manager understands that they can achieve better results through coaching instead of taking a command and control response to management, they will be willing to develop their skills as a coach. Managers are more inclined to seize the opportunity when they realize that many successful leaders and executives are coaches in their respective disciplines.

Next, firm expectations need to be set regarding coaching. By clarifying the expectation that coaching is the primary responsibility of each manager, you are creating a coaching culture. If a firm or organization has a strong corporate culture of coaching, it creates a positive environment that employees want to be a part of and participate in within that firm or organization. Coaching...
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