Cloud 9 Marketing Strategy

Topics: Energy drink, Marketing, Caffeine Pages: 11 (3373 words) Published: March 2, 2011
Executive Summary (pg 1 and 2)
The available researches suggest that alcoholic energy drinks create a dangerous mix. Yet the alcohol industry markets the beverages with messages that fail to alert users of its potential threat. Thus to outdo the ominous effect of alcohol and alcohol oriented brands, CLOUD 9 is all geared up to give India and its people energy boost without compromising their precious lives. Cloud 9 achieves this exact balance of 'energy and health' through the perfect combination of naturally occurring, energy rich resources with high-tech manufacturing techniques that gives consumers the best of both worlds. We have tried to put our optimum knowledge of marketing to pave a path for our energy drink, so that it is well equipped to take on every challenge. First of we have conducted a survey in different colleges of NAGPUR, so as to gauge the level of awareness of our product among the youth. The findings of our survey suggest that although the level of awareness is decent, yet its level of consumption is not very appreciable. This clearly suggests that we need to boost up its charisma by stimulating its marketing through appealing print-ads and un-conventional techniques. This would give our customers a strong reason to associate with our energy drink. We are also eyeing at the TEEN-AGE consumers which could help us grow manifolds. For this we suggest a plan to start a new variant of our drink in powder form which would act as a health drink and once it becomes the part of everyday consumption it would break all records in terms of sales and revenue generation. We noticed that we could start afresh by incorporating a change in its packaging and by making it more dynamic in its appearance. We propose to market it in such a way that it could act as a substitute for coffee and if it does so it would definitely uplift its sales. In order to increase its penetration in the teenage market we need to increase its awareness among them. This could be achieved via associating it with teenage sports gear that would enhance its craze among them and help us grow. We also look forward to increasing its awareness by the way of newspaper, wherein an advertisement would be floated on a regular basis which would contain health tips (by CLOUD 9) .This would help us to increase our visibility among the masses. We also propose to widen our domain by reaching to people via mobile ads in form of health-tip sms. We also aim at focusing the women majority because we found in our survey that they are not the frequent consumers of energy drinks because of the negative perception associated with these drinks. We cherish to change their perception by making them aware of the quality of our energy drink. This would require some promotional techniques like linking societal benefits (ex. preventing female infanticide concepts and girl-education for all levels of society). This would generate a drive in them to go for CLOUD 9.

1.Changing of packaging which reflects more energy (viz. heavy metal graphics). 2.Devising new marketing strategy to project it as a substitute for coffee (by showing its positives against the side effects of caffeine containing coffee). 3.Making effective use of social networking sites for promoting and increasing the visibility of our brand. 4.Targeting the teenager consumer market.

5.Marketing through sport gears, having the logo of our brand. 6.Employing teams of "consumer educators," who roam the colleges, stadiums, gyms and dangle free samples. 7.Print ads: (we have enclosed a series of innovative and creative print ads to get full attraction from our customers) 8.Launching game CDs and rock music CDs in the name of CLOUD 9 could be one of our prime strategies. 9.A new variant for girls is also proposed by us for widening the domain of our brand. 10.We also propose to relate our brand to the social cause of saving the girl child which will emotionally attracts women to...
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