Positioning Strategy of Monster Energy

Topics: Energy drink, Target market, Monster Energy Pages: 4 (1291 words) Published: March 18, 2012
As energy drink is yet a part of developing and new industry therefore Audience and Company Objectives are targets of Monster. The market of energy drink like monster energy is quite different from some other beverage industries. Monster energy drinks have become trendy part of society, but as some think the targeted market is unrestrained, wide or varied but it is not like that. In soon energy drink history, Athletes were the primary consumer when energy drinks were initially being sold in USA. This demonstrates that even primarily energy drinks were directed at a selected mass, a group of individuals with particular interests. Even though energy drinks’ consumer base has now prolonged beyond that of merely athletes, the target market is still more meticulous than in other industries. When thinking about the target market of energy drinks, it is vital to consider who are most receptive to beverages’ supposed effects. Even if everyone is vulnerable to the exhaustion of the super-charged and over-worked lifestyle, youth is particularly susceptible to relentless fatigue and scarce energy. Group of these people, specifically people in their 20s and male teenagers, are most likely to think on the veracity of the claims of energy drinks. As a result, the maximum number of energy drinks are manufactured and publicized to these young people. Besides focusing on a specific age group, many companies of energy drinks are more exclusive in marketing efforts, products’ gearing and promoting to much focused groups for example gamers, extreme sports followers, and the hip-hop people. Result of focusing on target market can be seen in the promotion campaigns of the energy drinks. In drinking industry, many drinks for example Monster LoCarb appeal to their particular group of consumers and the strategy of marketing which revolve around celebrity endorsements or sponsoring public events reflect their focus. The packaging and look of many energy drinks relate to target market as...
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