Topics: Red Bull, Caffeine, Marketing Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: December 7, 2012
The world’s most recognizable and profitable energy drink Red Bull posted revenue of more than $5.1 billion in 2010, and sales of the product are continuing to increase each year. Red Bull spends an unbelievable 30-40% of their revenue on marketing. The majority of Red Bull energy drinkers are between the ages of 18-34 year old males. The drink grabbed the attention of their target user and flawlessly grew, and become the brand marketing strategy that translated into “We are with you and one of you”. The recent 2011-2012 focus of Red Bull energy drink is trying to increase awareness among the 35-65 crowds, both male and female. The reason for Red Bull’s remarkable marketing strategy relies solemnly on the following four concepts: 1.Consumer engagement through sportsmanship

2.Viral videos depicting feats of athleticism and bravery, evoking the rush people seek from drinking the product. 3.Brand recognition through logo saturation.
4.Attainment of widespread brand recognition and loyalty first among a core demographic, then building a credible bridge to achieve it. Because Red Bull’s targeting audience is the “Y Generations”, the company has developed a “Wings Team” to develop and establish a relationship with the consumers and to discuss with consumers about their appreciation or dissatisfaction of the product. One of Red Bull’s strategies is to be present at school events, big parties, sporting events, and school/social calendars. One of the many strengths of Red Bull is their genuine passion for their brand and consumers who are committed to their energy drinks. These committed people are likely to promote a good image of the brand and have a greater impact on targeted consumers.

Even though Red Bull’s marketing strategy is proven to be the best, they are facing a negative publicity about the health risks that the drink leads to. Because of the many health risks associated with the energy drink, countries such as Denmark and France have banned the...
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