Clothing and Asian Market

Topics: Clothing, Tadashi Yanai, Fashion Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Japan's leading brand from Japan called UNIQLO is one of the successful company and worth to learn.   UNIQLO would like to enter to Asian market but is not easy for them to enter the market. The low-priced brands can be profitable but not for long-term.         

UNIQLO in the Asian market's performance can be described as a very striking. The core competence is 'low-cost and high-quality', it provides for all ages consumers and to provide fashionable, high quality and reasonable price of casual clothes, fashionable, fine texture.  In recent years, CEO Yanai positive ( Tadashi Yanai) also desire to capture of the Asian market. The company created from the UNIQLO day, he always wanted to participate in this competition in the market; In addition, the Asian market is the world's largest market and able to continue to develop in the global market to become a global leader.   

The selling points of UNIQLO are product-oriented, low-cost and high-quality. Japanese brand has a good reputation and rely on the main quality system called “complete monitoring system”. UNIQLO has also made use of another procedures good quality control procedures called Takumi who is the master craftsman hand.

UNIQLO knew that young Asian have their own ideas and they can mix and match to display their personal style. As well, UNIQLO clothing style is biased to Japan and can be seen from the popular fashion trend in Japan. It will be based on different national markets and wearing habits. UNIQLO now has such a practice is still everything goes well, but alone high-quality, easy to match clothes, they are highly competitive apparel retailing fast win, and remained stable performance. 
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