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The words “Unique” and “clothing“ was contracted to create the name UNIQLO, a Japanese based fashion retail brand that has been quick to dominate the global market. Their stores, nearly 1,000 worldwide sell non-branded, casual clothing. Currently in Manhattan, New York there are three, with the first opening as their flagship store in SoHo. The store we visited was uptown of the flatiron district, located on 34th street between 5th and 6th avenues. The store opened last October, quite recently. Uniqlo’s decision to place their third New York City store in Herald Square was a very smart decision, for it is a great shopping destination for locals and tourists alike with heavy foot traffic as many other large retail stores surround the area. The strikingly quirky simple outside store design resembles the same distinctive appeal as an apple store. The 34th street store was designed and organized almost identically to the flagship store. The same simple white décor was included and the familiar bright stairs were inside to accommodate movement through the three floors. The store, like all Uniqlo stores were strikingly clean, spacious, and organized. There were many staffs on each floor that seemed to be assisting the many customers the store had on this busy day. An observation that was impressive was that they seemed to have all sizes in stock, and all clothes were perfectly shelved, uncharacteristic of large retailers especially in busy locations. Clothes were organized by varieties of individual items and each gender as well as the unisex section. Jeans had a corner to themselves and men’s socks covered a full wall. The overall store has a very efficient, modern vibe and the bright array of colors made it a fun shopping experience. The more than enough amount of cashiers made the checkout line go through very fast and restrooms were also available for customers. Overall, it seemed that Uniqlo successfully worked to eliminate the many frustrations, problems, and shortcomings of retail outlet shopping. 2. TARGET CUSTOMER

Uniqlo, one of the fastest growing apparel companies today has enjoyed great success in sales in both Japan and its overseas expansions. The secret behind Uniqlo’s speedy rise to fame is because unlike other clothing brands, they have no set target customer. Their broad range of affordable everyday casual clothes of great quality appeals to everyone. Uniqlo apparel, especially appeals to a wide range of ages. It struck me last winter while Christmas shopping my younger brother wanted to buy a basic sweater for himself. We wandered into the Uniqlo store and were happy to see they had some in cashmere, and because they weren’t too expensive he bought one in basic black and a fun green. A week later, my grandma comes home from shopping and had bought the same black cashmere sweater, but as a V-neck. One could say that their clothes are basic, comparable to brands, which also sell affordable basics like Gap. Uniqlo, however, has a more international design aesthetic and focuses on creating clothes with timeless designs. Although Uniqlo’s target customer is every customer, they do have marketing strategies that suggest they appeal to certain demographics. Many of their seasonal campaigns are bright and fun, thus serve to appeal a younger generation perhaps 17-30. I noticed that as well as including a collection of widely popular celebrities; their ads contain a good range of models of mixed ethnicities. Thus emphasizing the Uniqlo is for all, message. Uniqlo’s ideal customer would be a young and working female or male looking for a wardrobe full of great quality basic staple items. Perhaps their occupations fuel the need for simple outfits. Office workers would also be great candidates as Uniqlo has an extensive range of office wear for both genders. One would think that Uniqlo doesn’t cater to those particularly interested in looking trendy or fashionable, but Uniqlo seasonally updates new products...
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