Zara and Reiss Comaparison

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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After approaching a Reiss and Zara Store in Oxford circus, speaking to staff and doing some more research on the internet i have come to notice both ZARA and REISS are a growing profitable companies. When looking at REISS THE BRAND:

Reiss a retailer of “own brand” quality fashion menswear and womenswear that established itself in London in 1970. The brand has become reorganized as a progressive, fashion-led retail company. Designing and producing own –label ranges it offers an aspirational look at affordable prices When looking at REISS THE STORE:

All the retailing shops of Reiss are in the UK and one been in Ireland. Furthermore, Reiss has 28 wholly owned shops and 4 concessions in house of Fraser. These stores are chosen in price, quality, location and their environment is carefully considered with staffing: merchandising and seasonal graphics. Internal analysis: strengths, weaknesses and measures of capability. Strengths:

Bridging Brands: Reiss is a unique brand for its position because it bridges the gap between high and low priced fashion •Store experience: Reiss carefully considers its stores with staffing, merchandising, music, seasonal graphics and location. •Unique lifestyle: individualism is a growing trend for style conscious people •Clothes quality: the brand has acquiring good competence and reputation in combining good quality clothes and design. •Marketing: is an important key activity for Reiss, and there store windows and graphics do a good job it emphasis on the statement brand: individual, stylish and sexy. Weaknesses:

REISS website: is one of its main problems, it is a non transactional website, in an international environment you need a big platform that is a web shop. •Lack of international management skills: problem in organizing the company abroad and in facing the competitors. •Lack of international reputation: Reiss has no reputation internationally approaching a new market it is better to focus on fashionable customers...
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