Topics: Cloning, Religion, Human Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Humans should consider every possibility that science makes in order for it to happen and work properly in the society. One is human cloning. But first let’s define cloning. Cloning is the artificial process of making a genetic twin of a person or an animal. In short, you replicate the genes of a being in order to create another being of the same kind. And you know Dolly, the sheep? Dolly was the first animal to be cloned. And since her birth, the idea of human cloning has been given emphasis. People say cloning should not be allowed because it’s unsafe, it’s disadvantageous and it’s immoral. But you know what I think? Cloning humans should be allowed because of three reasons: 1. Technological advancements in science will assure safety in the process of human cloning. 2. Cloning brings a lot of benefits to science and the society. 3. Human cloning is not a threat to the possible devaluation of mankind. -------------------------------------------------

First, it has been argued that the process of cloning is unsafe. There have been reports on the attempts of cloning animals and only 5% of these attempts have been successful in cloning an individual and the rest suffered health complications. However, cloning animals is different from cloning humans. Reports on cloning humans have not proven the riskiness of cloning. Plus, as technology advances, there is a huge possibility that cloning will be considered safe in the future. -------------------------------------------------

Second, it has been claimed that cloning humans offer the limitation of genetic differentiation, damaged pregnancies and the decline of genetic diversity, as predicted by scientists. But you see, there are many more benefits that human cloning brings to science and the society. Cloning would help scientists in the course of their researches that will also be useful for the society. It would be a big help for the scientists to find out prevention and cures to genetic diseases. It would...
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