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Topics: Cloning, Human, Human cloning Pages: 5 (1598 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Name: Samantha Filpes
Issues Research Paper

Topic: Human Cloning

Issue: Is human cloning right?

Background: There is many opinionated answers if human cloning is right or wrong. As of now, Human cloning is illegal, although in the future it might change. There is many pros and cons to the effect of human cloning and the whole idea of it.| Evidence: “ With the advancement and expansion of technology science has been able to achieve new wonders. These improvements and discoveries in science have allowed the human race to explore and learn more about the world. One such phenomenon is cloning. Cloning has opened the doors to explore human beings in a way that was once never possible. With cloning the human body, as well as other organisms, will be studied. Cloning and genetic engineering will both come into play to improve scientific knowledge.” (Serendip, 1)Citation: ( Serendip, Cloning right or wrong)Evidence: Many people believe human cloning should be banned prior to human defects, health problems, not proper treatment, and many other things. Human cloning Has not been exactly successful, and most of the time it has failed. However, scientist are trying to figure things out and fix itCitation: ( Serendip, Cloning right or wrong)|

Pro/Con Chart with Evidence
Pros| Cons|
1. If someone were to lose another person, they would be able to clone them.Evidence # 1: This can be another way of cheating death in a way, by reproducing a loved one that they had just lost. Although it wouldn’t be the exact same person, just a twin.Citation: (WiseGeek, Benefits of Cloning)Evidence #2: The woman can have the person who has recently died DNA transferred into her egg, and usually have the same genetic potential.Citation: ( Humanhealthcare, Ethical Issues of Human Cloning)Evidence #3: People have frozen dead loved ones cells until future cloning.Citation: ( nbcnews, Conveting a Clone)Evidence #4: If One was to lose a child in birth , they can keep that child’s DNA and use it for a close replica of that exact child.Citation: (WiseGeek, Benefits of Cloning) 2. Organ CloningEvidence # 1: “With organ cloning, human organs could be grown from a small sample of cells for a specific patient. Organ cloning has many potential benefits: cloned organs would not have the potential to be rejected by their recipients like donated organs currently do; cloned organs would be more available than donated organs; and cloned organs could be improved through DNA manipulation to fix defects.” ( WiseGeek, 7)Citation: (WiseGeek, Benefits of CloningEvidence #2: Instead of waiting for an organ doner, you can clone an organ or a tissue of the persons genes. This gives a less chance of rejection as well.Citation: ( Clone organs, Pros and Cons of Cloning)Evidence #3: When using embryos for organ cloning, matched replacement organs can be available for sick and dying people. This saves a countless number of lives.Citation: ( Religious Benefits, How it is done.)Evidence #4: The patient does not exactly have to wait until a unrelated doner has died. A new organ can have already been grown for them.Citation: ( Religious Benefits, How it is done.| 1. Human cloning can lead to sever health defects.Evidence #1: Considering that many eggs are needed for human reproductive cloning attempts, human experimentation give more women to adverse health effects, also Due to weaker immune system and malfunctioning in several body parts, cloned humans are at a higher risk of early death.

Citation: ( Yenra, Pros and Cons of Human Cloning)Evidence #2: It can cause high levels of hormones used to stimulate egg production. “ When cloning humans, the biggest issue that we face is that of improper DNA imprinting. DNA imprinting is a critical process when an embeyo is formed by unification of a sperm and an egg. Imprinting, as process is known in medical community, is the process is known in medical community, is the process in which DNA...
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