Ethicality of Jurassic Park

Topics: Evolution, Cloning, Ethics Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Andrew Jones
Philosophy 240
Katherine Allison
Ethics in Jurassic Park

Even though Jurassic Park was made in the 90’s the main ethical dilemma is still extremely relevant in todays society, playing god with cloning. In Jurassic Park they used DNA from fossilized mosquitos to find the DNA of dinosaurs which they then use to clone the extinct species. By cloning the dinosaurs the ethical dilemma of should we as humans have the right to create a species that natural selection has removed from the world.

The ethical value that I believe is best illustrated by the movie is Consequentualism because it states that consequences of an action are the ultimate deciding factor in whether or not an action is ethical. In the movie the belief that the amount that could be learned from the extinct species that were on the island far outweighed the problems of bringing back a species that natural selection had removed.

With the technology available in todays society we now have the ability clone a species, even though it is not accepted by the majority of society. This does prevent a major question do we as Humans have the right to clone a species? Some people say no because it goes against natural selection, if a species was to weak to survive then for the good of the remainder of the world then it does not survive. There is also the possibility like in the movie that even though we think we know everything about this clone things will adapt and evolve to survive such as the dinosaurs evolving to reproduce while they were all females.

While a large portion of society do not believe that we should clone any species there is the portion that whole heartedly support the quest to prefect not only the cloning of animals but the cloning of humans. By cloning we can create new ways to fight diseases and other health problems by doing things like cloning a liver for a person whose is shutting down. Cloning can also help bring a species back from the brink of extinction due...
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