Classroom Communication and Technology

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Classroom Communication and Technology
Assignment 1
Date: 30 August 2012
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Question 1
The first thing a teacher has to keep in mind when wanting to produce a poster is to keep the fundamentals of visual communication in mind. This would entail: that heading will be structured carefully and visibly. The poster should be in logical sequence. Not too much information must be illustrated since this will take the emphasis off of what is really important. The layout must be calculated spatially. The hand writing must be legible and neat in order for anyone to read it. The letters must be big enough that it can be read from all over the classroom. Numbers should support the structure of the poster. Colour should be used to contrast and make certain information more visible or signs and symbols can be used to make the poster interesting and attract attention. Stick figures or cartoon bubbles can be used to create humour. Posters can be used to display a variety of entities such as graphs, charts, geographical maps, diagrams, cartoons, symbols, pictures, tables, flow charts, learning maps, photos or real objects. The teacher must ensure that the poster is big enough to suit the objective of the lesson or what you want to accomplish with this poster. A poster can be formed in such a manner that all learners can participate in the lesson. Labels can be written in separate coloured paper so that learners can attach and detach it to answer questions relevant to the work. It can be used for quizzes or class competitions.

Learners can be asked to make posters in groups or individually in order to obtain continuous assessment marks. The posters could be used to display the work that the learners are currently busy. Various options or assignments could be given to the learners to display on the posters. The best poster that displays the information the best could be put up in class to use during the year or only for decoration of the classroom environment. Various other things could be used to attach or outline your poster, for example, frames; panels; pieces of cloth; wrapping paper or any other object the person feels like.

Question 2
Effective praise and criticism plays an enormous role in forming a good and trustworthy channel of communication between a teacher and the learners.

By stating you expectations clearly at the beginning of a lesson and sharing your values with the learners, the children will feel more comfortable; because they then know exactly what needs to be done. Also start of by explaining the work quality that you expect from them, so that they know how to approach each assignment.

If there is still confusion on the class’ part, the teacher should show learning support and steer them into the right direction. The teacher can show that he/she cares by supporting all the learners and encouraging them to improve their performance.

When you start giving feedback, explain to the class why you provide them with feedback. The feedback given by a teacher should also be administrated in such a manner that it supports development rather than a de-motivation to correct the mistakes made in the subject field.

For optimum results, the teacher should always start with positive feedback. This can also be done publicly to achieve pride on the learner’s side which in turn guarantee’s motivation and self-confidence for the learner. A small reward for good marks motivates the rest of the learners to also work towards praise worthy goal.

Feedback should be given on specific elements and it should be stated in the shortest possible terms. This is done, because feedback is only constructive if it is given in the amounts that the learner can take in and if it is focused on priority areas that need more attention.

Feedback should be given as soon as possible after the event has...
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