Tda 2.13

Topics: Horrid Henry, Board game, Display device Pages: 3 (649 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Preparing Displays in Schools

1 Prepared for: Holy Trinity Primary School

2 Prepared by: Simon Kendall-Stokes, Teaching Assistant

Children in the school were advised that the next display was going to be about books and their Authors the children in my class decided they wanted to do about the author of the Horrid Henry books, Francesca Simon.

We decided that the display should be bright and bold as Horrid Henry is a very bold young boy, I have created a story board below to detail how the display was all put together.

As we have 3 separate display boards to cover we used the outside ones to display the children's work and the centre board was used to display the title of our display along with the oversized painting.

Our school policy and things we needed to consider when choosing how to set out our display were

• All boards must be backed
• All boards should have a border
• Colours must not detract from the work, but enhance it • All work should display children's names were possible • All children should have their work displayed somewhere around the school • Displays should use a variety of print

• There should be a title
• Displays should be changed regularly and relevant to what is currently being learnt • Displays should be interesting and eye catching

Displays are not only important because they can look fantastic they are important because they let teachers and visitors know about what the children understand about a particular subject. Displays in the corridors should be changed every term and classroom displays should be changed when there is a new subject being studied it should be packed full if factual information so that the children have information to look at as a quick reference it will also help them learn better if it is constantly visible and in their faces.

It is important to do a risk assessment on all displays, things that need to be taken in to consideration are...
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