Civil Service Commission

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The responsibility of the Civil Service Commission is to advise the Mayor and the Director of Human Resources on problems concerning personnel administration in City service and to uphold the interest of the City's merit-based civil service system, a role which is vital to the public interest. The principal responsibilities of the Commission are to serve as an appellate tribunal for employee appeals; to rule on proposed changes to the Civil Service Regulations and the Classification and Pay Plans; and to rule on requests for exemptions from civil service and waivers of the residency requirement. The bulk of the Commission's time is devoted to its appellate function. As a quasi-judicial body, the Commission conducts fact-finding public hearings on employee appeals and issues formal written decision

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) is the central personnel agency of the Philippine government. One of the three independent constitutional commissions with adjudicative responsibility in the national government structure, it is also tasked to render final arbitration on disputes and personnel actions on Civil Service matters. Mandated Functions

* Under Executive Order No. 292, the Civil Service Commission shall perform the following functions: * Administer and enforce the constitutional and statutory provisions on the merit system for all levels and ranks in the Civil Service; * Prescribe, amend and enforce rules and regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of the Civil Service Laws and other pertinent laws; * Promulgate policies, standards and guidelines for the Civil Service and adopt plans and programs to promote economical, efficient and effective personnel administration in the government; * Formulate policies and regulations for the administration, maintenance and implementation of position classification and compensation and set standards for the establishment, allocation and reallocation of pay scales,...
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