Principles of Hsc

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Culture Pages: 4 (592 words) Published: August 20, 2012

Principles of support are applied to ensure that individuals are cared for in health and social care practice.

Values – Beliefs about what is important to you as an individual, and what you believe about what is morally right and wrong. Values are usually learned from your parents/carers and tend to change throughout your life.

Principles – Based on values, principles are basic guidelines about the right way to behave, i.e. your own personal code of conduct. For example, you treat people with respect because you believe that is the right thing to do.

Empowerment – Enabling individuals to take responsibility for their own lives by making informed decisions.

Rights – Things that everyone is entitled to receive. These are usually explained in legislation.

Principles and values include recognising and acknowledging the following points:

• empowerment of individuals
• promotion of choice
• promotion of rights (to dignity and privacy, safety and security) • recognition of preferences
• involvement of individuals in planning their support
• respect for diversity, including individual identity, cultural beliefs, moral beliefs and values • anti-discriminatory practice
• maintaining confidentiality.

Workers who provide direct care must:

• Ensure that they recognize, preserve and promote the rights of the individuals using their service(s), in a way that enables the individual to have choices, and to engage as active partners in having their needs met.  This includes their right to be treated with dignity, and have their privacy and confidentiality respected.

• Promote the independence and wellbeing of the people using their service(s) so that they can achieve their full potential

• Reflect on their practice and engage in continuous learning with and from others from diverse backgrounds, including the people to whom they provide care/support, their families and carers, colleagues in their own...
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