The Federal Civil Service

Topics: Bureaucracy, False Claims Act, USA PATRIOT Act Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Ashley Kim
Period: 7

Unit Four Paper

The Federal Civil Service system has to do with the three branches of government executive, legislative, and judicial and their officials. When the system of government first came about many of the officials were amateurs and didn’t quite know what their job were and how to do it effectively. But as time went on the officials gained knowledge and experience on how to preform their job in the government as best as possible as well as help shape the United States as it is today. The bureaucracy is a very important part of the government today and has influenced the world in a large way. There have been many attempts to reforms the Federal Civil Service, such as the Sunshine Act, Various Sunset Laws, contracting our procedures, the performance incentives for employees, and the whistle blower protection. There were both pros and cons while attempting to reform the Federal Civil Service system. The Sunshine Law made mandatory to federal agencies, which were led by committees, to have all their meetings in public session. This law enacted in 1976 made any type of meeting of any member public. The pros of the Sunshine Law was that it allowed the public to know what was going on at all times when and if a meeting was in session. In addition, it gave the public confidence in the decision-making and apprehension. Also, the Sunshine Laws were apart of the information disclosure, where consumers and buyers had access to the agencies information. Although the Sunshine laws brought a low of pros and gave confidence to the public, there were also a handful of cons. An example of a con was there were certain exceptions to the law, such as information about court proceedings and personal problems. Although having information the public is resourceful, too much access can be an issue. There have been many times when important information were in the hand of irresponsible and negative people, which could be a risk to the world. The...
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