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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Malcolm Knowles renowned for his work on adult learning (andragogy) identified the following principles of developing adults: * Adults need to be provided with a rationale as to why the learning is taking place * Adults need to be encouraged to be self-directive and responsible for their learning * Adults can fully contribute and participate in the learning process (collective wealth of experience enables them to do this) * Adults wish to learn if they can see a practical point to it * If adults believe the learning can enhance performance they will embrace the learning * Adults respond better to intrinsic motivators (increased knowledge and self-esteem) Preparing and designing learning and development events/interventions are vital in order to ensuring:

* The development intervention has a clear purpose
* Aims and objectives are clearly covered
* The needs and learning styles of the learners are taken into account * Aims and objectives are integrated to organisational needs * The development intervention is motivating and engaging for individuals * There is active commitment from the participants to learning * That the resources and materials are complimentary to overall aims and objectives and ensure that the intervention is engaging and accessible * Sensitivity to all participants’ cultural, religious and other needs * An assessment of what has been developed is put in place * The interventions/outcomes are fully evaluated

Clearly planned and designed events will help towards the advancement of:

* Individual, team and organisational aims and objectives * Skills, knowledge and behaviours
* Higher participant satisfaction with the intervention, which could encourage further engagement in the learning process * The likelihood that further development will be proposed

However, no matter how effective the organisation of the event is and how much the promotional material tries to engage the...
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