Cinema of India and Bollywood Films

Topics: Bollywood, Cinema of India, Film Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: November 9, 2010
I. Introduction

Our group is going to lead you in the glamorous world of the Indian film business, which is commonly called Bollywood.

II. What is Bollywood ?

Bollywood is a term used to describe the Indian film industry, the largest in the world in terms of film productions. As we have noticed, Bollywood is a play on the word Hollywood ; the « B » comes from Bombaï, also known as Mumbaï, which is a big city in India. Bollywood, the greatest dream factory on the Indian subcontinent, is the most productive film industry in the world. It makes up to eight hundreds films a year, twice as many as Hollywood, and about fourteen million Indian people go to the cinema everyday. Films are made so fast that sometimes actors on set shoot scenes for four different films at a time, using the same backgrounds and the same storylines.

III. What makes Bollywood films unusual ?

Like any film industry, Bollywood is diverse in its out put. However, there are certain traits that are commonly associated with Bollywood movies. For instance, romantic comedies make the best box-office draws as Bollywood films, formulaic stories with the right mixture of emotional ingredients such as happiness and despair, love, rage and grief, surprise and heroism. Further more, Bollywood films are extremely colourful and crammed with singing, dancing and elaborate decoration and costume. Indeed, there is an extensive use of performance arts such as singing and dancing. The films last three hours on average and include at least six songs in which the singing and dancing hero and heroine swear eternal love for each other, wether this fits in with the plot of the film or not. Finally, the use of mythological and theological characters, particularly Gods and Deities, is extremely abundant. Many popular Bollywood films, particularly earlier in the century, took their stories from religion and folklore. In conclusion, the story is always stick...
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