Bollywood V. Hollywood

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Bollywood v. Hollywood
The expectations for Hollywood are quite high in talent. Nevertheless so are they for Bollywood. Bollywood is the same for the most part, but just consists of mostly Indians. Hollywood on the other hand is consisted of genres that include multiple races and culture in their moneymaking films. These two film industries on the contrary have somewhat different talents. Bollywood, to a certain extent, involves more dancing, singing, and longer movies. For Hollywood, movies are not as long and they contain predictable endings, but they have a good story line that is not always dealing with the same ethnicity. To be successful in Hollywood or even Bollywood, film producers must incorporate mass appeal by representing culture and race in their line of work whether it is to produce diverse types of genres so that the American society is pleased with the movies that are produced. “There’s nothing wrong with a little inspiration. But African American moviegoers who want to see their own concerns and struggles- their own lives, even if rendered in broad outline- projected at the cineplex still aren’t getting much love from Hollywood”(Robinson 292). Many producers have not been putting too much thought to what the viewers actually want to see. If they listen to what the viewers prefer, this will cause them to go see the movie that is produced, thus making more money for their film. Producers go out on a limb and make a movie with what individuals do not really care for and hope people go see the movie after all can be risky, but it can be good because some individuals like change. If people see what everyday life is like from a movie perspective, it will definitely get moviegoers to see the movie because they can maybe even relate to the film in a certain way, possibly even more then they think once seeing it. Even some actors and actresses can relate to a handful of movies as well. They can relate to this because they all have their own lives too,...
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