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Topics: Sociology, Lollywood, Mind Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Pakistan Film Industry
Six Elements of Copy Strategy (6 Marks)
* Key consumer benefit
* Physical: Entertainment, Awareness, relief from frustration * Emotional: Pakistan Film Industry stands for the intellectually driven urban segment of Pakistan who is not afraid to question the societal norms. * Reason why

* Physical: Pakistani film industry reflects the local culture with the signature Pakistani music. It highlights the cultural essence and social taboos, while working towards breaking the stereotypical image of Pakistan in an entertaining way. * Emotional: Pakistani Film Industry stands strong on originality and subject-based depiction of the realities of Pakistani society. Moreover, it motivates its audience to enjoy and intellectually stretch their imagination by relating to the characters portrayed. * Brand character

* Without pretence, Pakistani Film Industry is authentic with a strong sense of personal identity. She is pleasant, fashionable, tasteful, dignified, sensitive to the ground realities facing her country, proactive and approachable at heart. * Brand world

* Pakistani Film Industry is a world experiencing a reawakening where the human spirit has not died and the fabric of the society is still knitted by idealism and morality. It’s a place where the people are identified by their liveliness, passion and optimism. The inhabitants of this land have a strong sense of ownership of their values and heritage. * Desired consumer response

* I want a movie that highlights the real societal issues in a lighter context, is a ray of hope for uprooting them along with reflecting the soft side of Pakistan. * Proposed selling idea

* Pakistani Film Industry: A medium for socially aware intellectual audience. Brand Template
* Four brand muscles (6 marks)
* Social Issues
* World’s best kept secret
* Cultural essence
* Quality script
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