Child Disipline

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Most all primary care givers discipline there children on some type of level. Caregivers that work full time jobs and need care provided for their child before proper school going ages opt for daycare centers. Most parents are anxious about leaving their children only because honestly they would like to stay home with their children. Most caregivers main concern is the discipline that will be adminisiterd to their child. Most daycer centers do not dipsipline the same way the primary caregivers do but should be trained on how to properly discipline. There are different levels and ways to discipline children , there are also age limitations on discipline. In the paper I will disscuss the implecations  of discipline for children in the pre- school range ages birth to 5yrs. Although discipline is used by adults and th expectations are high the ablitiy for a child to identify and comprehend the acts of discipline may be limited.

From the ages of birth to about age 2 children need a lot of support and loving interactions. At this age if a caregiver is absent from the child, the child may fear that the caregiver may not return. At this early age children learn to trust that the caregivers will be there in all times of need. During these years children also learn through senses and physical activity.

Children from ages 2 to 6 years of age children learn language, reading and many social skills. A child will try to seek independence from caregivers and try and find ways of selfreliance. If the childs independence is understood and acknolged by the caregiver and also is encouraged then that child may take more initiative. Children at this age will learn by exploration, feeling, pounding, and mixing objects over and throwing them. Children also begin to ask more questions.

Most day care centers believe in ways of discipline which are through time outs or loss of privileges. There are some cases in which centers do displine with physical discipline, however it is very rare that these practices are used do to many state laws. Physical discipline can have negative long term results.  

In order for anyone to have self control there has to be parental guidance and support. Parents have to help toddlers and infants in the process of self- control, discipline and the over all process of learning. By the age of six the child usually starts to show self-control. With parents guiding the process the self control increases throughout the school years.

The ways of child disipine is issued by many forms natural consequenses, logical consequenses, fix up, time out and redirection. Natural consequeses allow children to experience the way of learning from their own mistakes. Natural consequeses is a form of didsipline that allows the parent to have the child use prosessing skills to understand cause of actions. This form of discipline is also referred to commonly as learning the hard way.

Logical consequences

Guidance and discipline has to be the main focus on a child development. If actions are taking that insult or belittle the child it usually tends to have the child view the caregivers as negative and unkind. If the caregiver is attentive and shows a interest in the child it will encourage healthy development. Teaching children any form of discipline is a very demanding task.the discipline a child it takes patience, thoughtful attention, cooperation and good understsnding. The parent in order to fully discipline and guide a child the caregiver has to be able to have proper knowledge of there own strengths and struggles with disciplinary issues. Most caregivers unfortunately only have their own experiences of being parentedwhich gives a very bias look to determining wherter of not a caregiver id giving proper disiplineor child rearing.  

Proactive strategies
Child misbehavior is impossible to prevent completely. Children, usually...
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