Child Abuse

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  • Published: April 2, 2013
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Child Abuse
Terry Hall Jr.
Kaplan University

Child Abuse

In today’s time we as parents are not sure what we can and cannot do to our own children punishment wise. There are so many new laws that arise when it comes to abuse that it is getting harder and harder to discipline your children without the fear of child abuse. Child abuse cab ad does take on many forms such as domestic violence, drugs and alcohol abuse and of course abuse of the child. Most children who are being abused in any form can form a biochemical condition known as antisocial behavior. This is where a child stays to themselves and doesn’t play with other children and makes excuses for bumps or bruises or even burn marks that they might have. They may even act out some just to get attention from a teacher or other adults due to not getting it from home. (seigel,2007.p.110). There are different types of abuse and they are:

Physical Abuse
When people think of child abuse, their first thought probably is of physical abuse — such as striking, kicking, or shaking a child. Physical abuse can also include: * holding a child under water

* tying a child up
* intentionally burning a child or scalding a child with hot water * throwing an object at a child or using an object to beat a child * starving a child or failing to provide a child with food Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse happens when a child is raped or forced to commit a sexual act. But it's also any sort of sexual contact with a child or any behavior that is meant to sexually arouse the abuser. So, in addition to having sex with a child, fondling a child's genitals or making a child touch someone else's genitals, sexual abuse also includes: * making a child pose or perform for pornographic pictures or videos * telling a child dirty jokes or stories

* showing a child pornographic material
* forcing a child to undress
* "flashing" a child or showing them one's genitals
Neglect is...
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