Child Abuse

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Ekua Bransah December 6th, 2011

Part D: Research Report
Child abuse is a world-wide issue that is gradually increasing. I wanted to know how much target group, high school students male and female, know about this topic. So I conducted a survey to try and prove my hypothesis that high school students don’t have enough knowledge about child abuse. The method I used to gather my data was as I mentioned, conducting a survey. I randomly selected students from my school that fit in this age group to take part in my survey. The survey contained 10 general questions about child abuse to evaluate their knowledge. Students were asked to define in their opinion what they believed to be child abuse. That question was answered relatively well. Most people think that there is only one thing that can be considered as child abuse such as only beating the child or only sexually abusing the child but 80% of the students chose the answer that included each type of abuse-physical, verbal, emotional, neglect and sexual and not just one in particular. 11% of the students believed that child abuse is only physical and 8% believed it is only sexual. It is a fact that a child abuse cannot be identified based on their physical appearance or their social economic background. To my surprise, 22% of the 35 students thought otherwise. They thought that a child abuser could be identified just by looking at them but 77% knew that that wasn’t the case. 74% thought that child abuse is acknowledged as a serious issue but 25% didn’t agree. The students were asked if they thought that hitting a child as a form of discipline was acceptable. This is more or less based on each individual’s personal beliefs and morals but ideally, hitting is not the right way to go. 25% thought that physical means of disciple was acceptable and 54% didn’t. 20% thought that it all depends on the given circumstance....
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