Child Molestation

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Child molestation is a crime involving a range of indecent or sexual activities between an adult and a child, usually under the age of 14.

It is important to keep in mind that child molestation and child Sexual Abuse refer to specific, legally defined actions.

Not all incidents of child molestation are perpetrated by pedophiles; sometimes the perpetrator has other motives for his or her actions and does not manifest an ongoing pattern of sexual attraction to children.

Thus, not all child molestation is perpetrated by pedophiles, and not all pedophiles actually commit child molestation.

Regardless of the terminology, it is illegal for an adult to touch any portion of a child's body with a "Lewd and lascivious" intent.

Usually, consent is not a matter of consideration, and is not available as a defense to a charge of child molestation.

Criminal penalties are severe for those convicted of child molestation.

It is difficult to accurately assess the number of child molesters because many child molesters are not caught.

There is no single profile that accurately describes or accounts for all child molesters.

One common misconception is that molested children grow up to become child molesters themselves.

In some instances, if a child is sexually victimized, and is abused in other ways as well, he or she may later molest a child.

A sexually abused child who also exhibits antisocial behavior may go on to commit acts of child molestation, although an individual's inadequate social and interpersonal...
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