Chemical, Biological, Nuclear Agents and Incidents Regarding to Hazmat

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Nuclear fission, Nuclear proliferation Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: July 13, 2012
I chose the Chemical, Biological, Nuclear Agents and Incidents regarding HAZMAT topic because this is really interesting to me since I was in Iraq at the beginning and we had to carry a full face respirator along with a Class B chemical suit with us at all times. If we were ever exposed to Anthrax there was a HAZMAT plan in place depending on our location.

Weapons of mass destruction have been around for many years like the atomic bomb that we dropped on Japan years ago. This caused an enormous shock wave spreading radioactive isotopes for miles. Just recently there was the nuclear power plant in Japan that leaked after an earthquake started a tidal wave. It was weeks before they could see what the severity and the damage to the public after the nuclear leak. Chemical agents can be caused by people making them from raw materials and the use of internet on how to make chemical agents. Terrorist will usually focus on public buildings like schools, court houses, sporting events and many other types of where the public gathers. “Chemical agents can be potentially catastrophic impacting hundreds to thousands of people.” Biological agents are of pathogens or toxins; there have been many of incidents reported; some being true and many being hoaxes. Example would be anthrax, pneumonic plague, ricin, even chickenpox and many others. With biological many exposures are airborne and can travel for miles exposing the public to these agents. You make think you just have the flu.

Each exposure to these different agents may have different methods of decontamination depending what agent we may have been exposed to. Local authorities and responders will be the first to respond until federal agencies can arrive. The local responders go through training on a regular basis on how to react to biological, chemical and nuclear agents. Cities and towns have an emergency action plan that they can put into effect when necessary. Cincinnati has a local emergency response plan; 12.305...
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