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As I am responding to the area of this emergency I know that I have strategic goals need to be considered when dealing with a hazmat situation. First I must evacuate any nonessential individuals from the accident scene. Once I have the area cleared, I would request an emergency decontamination line to be setup so the workers in the area so they can be cleaned and checked out by emergency medical personnel onsite. I would establish my protective zones using an Emergency response guidebook (ERG) and given the four different possible chemicals involved I would choose the distance that has the largest radius given for the time of day of the incident to protect everyone involved. I would also use the Wizer program to help establish our areas using the mapping system of the program (National Library of Medicine, 2012).

The basic incident command system works from the 3 principles of life safety, property conservation, and incident stabilization. With life safety being performed with the removal of the workers near the spill and receiving medical attention I can now turn my attention to the materials involved. I would consider sheltering in place all of the plant except the production area. This area would need to be evacuated as soon as possible due to the area being next to the spill. With the product staring to off gas I need to shut down any air handlers in that area to prevent the gas from traveling though out the building or the site and causing more harm to the workers. I know that I have oxidizers, flammable, acids, and bases stored in the same area but in different bins. I also know that acids and bases are chemical opposites that react violently with each other, often producing heat, explosions or toxic gases. Since they are powerful corrosives, they can react with many other substances. Many acids are also oxidizers and can create fires if they react with combustible...
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